Here are some news bites for the first week of June 2008:

  • The good people behind Hollow Earth Radio here in Seattle made a series of field recordings of buskers and other sidelines at the Northwest Folklife Festival last month.
  • Burgoo! Legendary Stew of the South is a new foodways documentary (featuring folklorists!) that will air later this month on the public television station KET in Kentucky. If we can’t watch it online, maybe my friends will be good enough to tape a copy for me. Sarah Milligan, this means you!
  • The 37th annual Texas Folklife Festival happens this coming weekend, June 13-15, 2008 in San Antonio. Read the news here.
  • From the Orlando (FL) Sentinel: “In celebration of the 2008 Florida Folk Festival that took place recently on Memorial Day weekend, the State Archives of Florida is offering historic recordings of all the Florida Folk Festivals from 1954 through 1979 for free online listening and downloading…..” I’ve only been able to do a little bit of poking around these new offerings, and I hope to articulate some deeper impressions of their site in the next few days, but for now I’ll say that this looks like a positive direction for digital folklife collections in general.
  • Nancy Solomon of Long Island Traditions was interviewed for today for her community documentation initiatives.
  • Bob Fulcher, a folklorist with the Cumberland Trail State Park in Tennessee, helps explain a recent digitization project involving some rare acetate discs recorded by the late Latham Wyrick.
  • By way of Jens Lund: the 2008 Leavenworth (WA) International Accordion Festival is happening June 19-22. This looks awesome! Thanks, Jens.
  • And courtesy Elaine Thatcher: the third Mountain West Songfest & Symposium, sponsored by Utah State University’s Mountain West Center for Regional Studies, the USU Music Department, in cooperation with the Cache Valley Center for the Arts, takes place in Logan June 27 & 28. Thanks Elaine!