I was utterly blown away by the feature concerning a lone dairy barn Point Reyes Station, California, which aired on today’s Weekend America (from American Public Media & produced by Krissy Clark). Clark does an incredible job of interpreting the long-standing struggles between the changing economic, environmental, and aesthetic forces surrounding this particular spot on the map.

Characters in this well-crafted piece include Bob Giacomini, the would-be heir of the local dairy legacy, who’s income has “gone from agriculture to agri-tourism;” Gordon Bennett, chair of the local Sierra Club who has worked with the National Park Service to “restore [this area] to its [pre-historic] complexity;” and Randy Flemming, a retired architect and recent transplant who seeks to keep the Giacomini’s old barn intact within the cultural landscape for its interpretive historic value.

This piece immediately reminded me of Mark Preiss’ presentation at AWSF on agri-tourism and Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve, and how foodways, agriculture, and historic preservation seem to be coming together in very powerful ways these days.

Nice work to Clark and Weekend America for “getting it,” and presenting this unique story about authenticity and place in modern California.