Here’s what’s happening on the folklife front this week:

  • The West Valley City Cultural Celebration Center has launched their fourth annual Face of Utah Sculpture Exhibit. We’ve already missed the opening reception, but the show is up through August 20th. Thanks to Michael Christensen for that one.
  • The University of Maine will be offering a 400 level course in Public Sector Folklore this coming Fall semester, taught by IU alum Kathleen Mundell. It’s always good to see this sort of course in an academic environment, wouldn’t you say?
  • The 58th annual Kutztown Folk Festival happens this weekend, July 5 &6, celebrating Pennsylvania Dutch culture in eastern PA. They claim title to the “oldest continuing folklife festival in America.” Activities will include actors portraying George Washington & Benjamin Franklin, as well as a petting zoo. Hmm….. Strange that I’ve never heard of it….
  • The 2008 Smithsonian Folklife Festival has of course gotten under full swing and will continue through July 6th as well.

There you have it. -Ross