Some bits and pieces for this week (photo of Texas Johnny Brown performing by Elvert Barnes @

  • The
    42nd Smithsonian Folklife Festival on the National Mall has officially
    come to an end. If you’re of the sad sort like myself who didn’t get
    to go, I suggest going to either or and doing a search of “Smithsonian Folklife 2008.” It’s pretty amazing what you’ll find.
  • The National Folk Festival
    in Butte, Montana, is kicking off festivities this Friday, July 11 and
    runs through the 13th. To get you in the mood, please check out the
    Ranch Rhymes podcast from the Western Folklife Center which most
    recently features Montana poet Paul Zarzyski and his classic poem “Why I Like Butte.” An interview with Paul will air on Montana Public Radio this Friday.
  • Texas Folklife Resources has held over a photo exhibit by 25-year-old Chuy Benitez in Austin which documents the cultural landscape of the El Paso and Juarez borderlands. Looks great!