Well, I haven’t been as committed to updating our news each week as I initially promised, but I can say that I’ve been enjoying my summer thoroughly. Hope you all are, too. Some of these items have already taken place, but here are some tidbits:

  • Alabama folklorist Joyce Cauthen presented a foodways discussion on traditions surrounding the kitchen on July 17 at the Ozark-Dale County Public Library. Folklorists and public libraries — a great combination!
  • A real estate company sponsored the Historic Cold Spring Village’s annual Foodways and Folklife Festival on July 19 & 20 in Cape May, NJ. Interesting….
  • The Newfoundland & Labrador Independent had an interesting article about the Newfoundland folk-rock group Figgy Duff and their legacy of interpreting traditional music of the province.
  • The Somerville (MA) Arts Council held a celebration of Brazilian and Portuguese culture last week, July 23, in Somerville, as a capstone event to recognize the fieldwork of Andrea Allen that aimed at identifying the needs of these and other immigrant communities.
  • Following in the Library of Congress’ footsteps, the Smithsonian Institution has begun using Flickr as a means of sharing photographic collections online. I think these emerging partnerships between Flickr and cultural heritage institutions are truly exciting (I am also currently reading Bill Ivey’s new book, Arts, Inc., which has a lot to say about safeguarding public access to these cultural resources), and I promise to devote a post specifically on this topic later this summer, but for now, here is a quick story about the initiative featuring Richard Kurin of the SI’s Center for Folklife & Culture Heritage.
  • Joanne Raetz Stuttgen has produced a book about regional mom-and-pop restuarants titled “Cafe Indiana: A Guide to Indiana’s Down-Home Cafes.” I haven’t seen it yet myself, but it sounds like it could be a potential model for other regions. Read a review here.
  • Our own Troid Geist of the North Dakota Council of the Arts was quoted in a piece by the Miami Herald concerning the Coucil’s “Art for Life” program – part of a two-year study examining seniors and creativity.
  • Poetry for the Plains, a benefit for the Northern Plains Resource Council, takes place this Sunday, August 2 in Joliet, Montana, and will feature National Cowboy Poetry Gathering regulars Wallace McRae and Stephanie Davis.
  • Finally, congratulations to Sally Haueter Rampe for giving birth to Roxanna Ruth Rampe on July 19!!!