Photo by Lisa Duskin-Goede.  Looks like a painting, but no, that's a photo.

Photo by Lisa Duskin-Goede. Looks like a painting, but no, that’s a photo.

The folks of AWSF are excited to invite every folkloricly-minded person they know to the campus of Utah State University on April 10-12, 2014 for the annual meeting.  This meeting, held concurrently with the conference of the Western States Folklore Society, brings us back to some of our roots in Logan*.  Expect old and new friends, a spectacular Graze**, reflections on where we’ve been, and discussions on where we’re going (and hopefully some good tunes!).

Bookmark this here blog so you can check up on agenda items, registration and accommodation info, the Bea Roeder Fund for the Future of Public Folklore in the West, and other things worth knowing about Logan.

See you in April!

*You know, they say that if you haven’t been to Logan, you haven’t lived.  Okay, I guess I’ve never heard anyone say that.  But it’s true.

**The Graze = dozens of folklorists + a caravan of cars + driving through the Bear River Heritage Area + visiting folk artists, local tradition bearers, and places of interest + eating.  Set for Thursday, April 10.  WSFS attendees welcome to join!